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Tasmania Electronic Commerce Centre (TECC)
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World Wi-Fi Day!

Posted June 16, 2016 at 9:37 pm


World Wi-Fi day takes place on June 20th each year, and is a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide. It is a platform to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in cities and communities around the world by driving exciting and innovative projects to ‘connect the unconnected’.
World Wi-Fi Day is a unique worldwide initiative organized by Wireless Broadband Alliance under the leadership of Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB).
Governments, industry and public should participate together to recognize and celebrate the important role of Wi-Fi in socioeconomic development and to advance and accelerate affordable connectivity for the unconnected around the world.

In Australia, Telstra is participating by offering free -Wi-Fi access via its public Wi-Fi hotspots. The aims of the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB). are listed below.

HOPE for Connectivity

Our HOPE for Connectivity charter calls on cities, government bodies, fixed and mobile operators, technology vendors and Internet giants. Help us bridge the digital divide and create the critical influence to bring wireless connectivity by pledging your support to our initiative.

Fund and support Wi-Fi deployments for underserved & unconnected

Access to more affordable internet through public Wi-Fi networks

Promote current Wi-Fi initiatives of industry & governments to connect the unconnected

A brochure with more details can be viewed here

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